Biometric passport and data security

The Swiss passport and two fingerprints
(Photo: fedpol)

Since March 2010, biometric passports only have been issued. The passport has an in-built chip containing the electronic fingerprints and image of the holder. This makes the document more difficult to misuse or forge.

Thanks to its biometric passport, Switzerland can co-operate closely with its European partners in the Schengen area.

Your data are stored on the chip, which is embedded in the document cover. The data cannot be altered without going unnoticed. That means if you lose your document or it is stolen, it is safe from misuse. Your data can only be accessed using a scanner, which transmits the data encrypted. Your fingerprints are especially protected: they may only be accessed by countries that have the same data protection standards as Switzerland. This applies also to other agencies that check your identity.

International symbol for biometric passports:

Internationales Zeichen für biometrische Pässe

Last modification 19.08.2019

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