Abduction alert

Your child has not come home from school or been returned at the agreed time by a parent? You have a firm indication that a person has been abducted?

Report the incident immediately to the nearest police station, either in person or on the 117 emergency number. The police will then decide on what further steps and measures to take.

The Swiss authorities must act swiftly if a person is abducted or if there are reasonable grounds for suspecting a person has been abducted.

Cantonal law enforcement services may trigger an abduction alert if they know a person has been abducted and believe there is a grave risk of harm to the victim’s physical, sexual or psychological integrity.

An alert is only triggered, however, if the authorities have sufficient reliable information that this will increase the success of locating the victim and/or the abductor. The law enforcement service responsible decides on a case-by-case basis whether these conditions are met.

How does the abduction alert work?

If a cantonal police service decides to trigger an alert, fedpol diffuses the message through international police channels and in Switzerland with the help of various partner organisations. The alert reaches a wide audience within the shortest possible time through online media, television and radio channels, and on screens at railway stations, airports, shopping centres and on motorways. It is also transmitted by SMS to registered SMS Alert users. Further information on this is available at www.entfuehrungsalarm.ch.

At the same time as the alert is broadcast, fedpol activates a call centre to receive information from the public. The call centre also facilitates cooperation between the cantonal police responsible for the case and its counterparts in Switzerland and abroad, and coordinates international police searches.



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