In-country support from SEM

The State Secretariat for Migration SEM also strives to protect and defend the rights of migrants and refugees in their regions of origin and transit. The majority of people displaced by wars and conflicts first seek refuge in neighbouring countries. Since 2011, Turkey has accepted around 3.5 million refugees from Syria and currently accommodates more refugees than any other country in the world. Measured against its total population, Lebanon has accepted the most refugees, also from Syria. Ethiopia, Pakistan, Iran and the countries of North Africa have also provided a safe haven for refugees and migrants, in some cases for years.

These countries are reliant on support from the international community, which not only needs to provide humanitarian aid for refugees and migrants, but also to expand and strengthen national migration and refugee structures. SEM therefore supports countries of first admission and transit. The aim is to improve living conditions for migrants and refugees (protection, registration, supplies, etc.) and to help make the local asylum and migration systems more efficient. By doing so, it is hoped to dissuade migrants from embarking on an irregular and often perilous onward journey to Europe.

The activities that form this part of the Swiss foreign policy on migration are funded from the guarantee credit for international cooperation on migration, which is managed by SEM. Each year, SEM is allocated CHF 10-15 million for activities and projects in the regions of origin and transit.


Last modification 06.09.2021

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