Verified AB, Sweden

Verified started its activities in autumn 2004 to offer a language analysis service of higher quality. Our management and staff have many years of experience in language analysis and asylum case investigations. In 2005 we became the exclusive contractor for the Swedish Migration board and our clientele has expanded to include other migration authorities, as well as police departments.

The company board and associates aim to ensure competence in language, jurisprudence and quality control. Our business approach is to meet our customers' needs for expertise in all matters concerning language and deriving origins via language.

The analysing process is based on the work of a native speaker and a supervising linguist. The analyst analyses the speech material regarding phonology, lexicology and grammar and if requested, performs a knowledge check of the region in question. The analyst’s work is supervised and critically reviewed by the linguist. The quality of the analysis is safeguarded through rigorous initial testing of the analysts followed by frequent crosschecks.

Last modification 24.11.2009

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