SPRAKAB, Scandinavian Language Analysis, Sweden

Scandinavian Language Analysis (SPRAKAB) is a privately owned company located in Stockholm, Sweden whose primary mandate is conducting linguistic analysis. Linguistic analyses are performed at the request of asylum determination bodies and police authorities in countries around the world, who have questions about an individual’s region of origin and who wish to determine a person’s linguistic background.

SPRAKAB has conducted linguistic analysis since 2000 and has completed approximately 40,000 linguistic analyses.

SPRAKAB’s staff consists of linguists, as well as administrative personnel. The linguists employed are university educated in areas such as linguistics, forensic phonetics, phonetics, interpreting and translation. In addition, the company maintains a broad network of experienced analysts who are generally native speakers or who speak at the native level in the language they are asked to analyze.

Along with linguistic analysis, SPRAKAB also conducts forensic phonetics. Forensic phonetics is an interdisciplinary research area that examines and compares a large number of speech characteristics possessed by a person. This can be used, for example, to determine if speakers on two different recordings, one where the person is known and one where the person is unknown, are one and the same speaker or two different people. Police authorities are just one of our clients who make use of our forensic phonetics analyses.

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