Innosuisse research partner

Take advantage of METAS’s research and development expertise in the many different fields of metrology.

Certification Body METAS-Cert

The accredited conformity evaluation body METAS-Cert is a body notified by Switzerland and recognized by the EU for the conformity evaluation of measuring instruments. The conformity evaluation body METAS-Cert provides manufacturers of measuring instruments with the required conformity assessments for the placing of their products on the market.


METAS lays great importance on being an attractive training location. It offers six different apprenticeships in the fields laboratory (chemistry and physics), electronics, engineering and in the commercial sector and university internships.



METAS is where Switzerland is at its most accurate. It is so to speak the guardian of measurement units in Switzerland. Through its activities and its services, it ensures the capability to perform tests and measurements in Switzerland at the level of accuracy required to meet the needs of business, research and society.