Central Services Division

IT Unit

The IT Unit establishes user needs and coordinates these with the internal service providers – the IT Service Center ISC-FDJP and the Federal Office of Information Technology, Systems and Telecommunication FOITT.

It ensures compliance with the Department's IT strategy and contributes to its development. The IT Unit provides the FOJ's project managers with methodological support in managing projects, and monitors and budgets for spending on IT. It is also responsible for planning, managing and processing accounts for FOJ service charges.

Logistics and Security Unit

The Logistics and Security Unit provides the Office with the necessary infrastructure (office supplies, furniture and equipment, etc.), coordinates office allocation and is responsible for handling the mail. The head of the Logistics Unit also acts as the Office's security delegate.

Legal Data Processing Unit

This unit tracks and promotes the development of legal data processing systems, is the point of contact for other departments and sections on questions pertaining to IT law, and is in charge of the FOJ's legal data processing projects particularly in the areas of the criminal registry, electronic administrative processes, debt collection and bankruptcy, commercial civil, and land registries, in addition to representing the FOJ's interests in federal legal data processing projects and on specialist bodies.

The coordination office for the electronic publication of legal information (Copiur) became part of the Legal Data Processing Unit and was dissolved as an independent administrative unit at the end of 2006. This office sought to achieve common norms, standards and information technologies in order to provide the public with an electronic offering that is broad, consistent and easily accessible.

GEVER Services Unit

The GEVER Services Unit is responsible for digitising and managing the Office’s thematic dossiers and ensuring that they are archived in the Swiss Federal Archives.

The Unit is also responsible for formulating and updating organisational regulations as they apply to business management (GEVER) systems, assumes business controlling tasks, provides advice and support to line managers on GEVER-related matters, and ensures the high quality of data in GEVER systems.

TROVA Services Unit

The TROVA Services Unit handles incoming mail for the Division for International Legal Assistance and the Private International Law Unit which relates to specific individuals. It is also responsible for archiving this correspondence in the Swiss Federal Archives.


The library's mission is to make available to collaborators document resources necessary for their professional activity. The library is specifically responsible for acquiring, cataloguing, indexing and making available collections including monographs and periodicals. The Library of the FOJ (Federal Office of Justice) is managed by the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law.

French Language Services Unit

This Unit is responsible for translating texts into French, for revising French drafts and for editing French texts.

Human Resources and Finance

The FDJP Human Resources Service Centre advises and supports the Office on all matters relating to HR law and policy. The Head of Personnel is based at the Office's premises and works closely with senior and line managers. She is supported by an HR Officer and the HR Centre, which handles all specialist HR tasks using standardized HR procedures and tools.

The FDJP Finance & Controlling Service Centre provides the Office with operational support on finance-related parliamentary and Federal Council business, as well as financial management. Here, too, the Chief Financial Officer is on hand to work closely with the Office's senior managers. He is responsible for budgeting, financial planning, bookkeeping, confederation accounting and procedures for budget top-ups.


For the complete documentation see the pages in German, French or Italian.

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