Stage 3a - Criminal proceedings and charges

Services responsible

  • Federal Intelligence Service (FIS)
  • Compulsory measures courts
  • Office of the Atorney General of Switzerland (OAG)
  • Cantons
  • Cantonal juvenile prosecution services
  • Federal Office of Justice (FOJ)

Instruments available

  • Preparation of reports by the FIS for the OAG, SEM or fedpol
  • Initial inquiries by the cantonal authorities if the case is urgent and federal law enforcement services are not yet active (Art. 27 Criminal Procedure Code CrimPC)
  • CrimPC: preliminary and criminal investigation proceedings, coercive measures (e.g. communications surveillance, observation, preventive dialogue, pre-trial detention or alternative measures such as the restriction of travel documents or obligation to report to the police)
  • Police cooperation and mutual assistance
  • Swiss Criminal Code (SCC), in particular:
    • Art. 260ter (participating in or supporting a criminal or terrorist organisation)
    • Art. 260sexties (recruiting, training and travelling with a view to commiting a terrorist offence)
  • Intelligence Service Act (IntelSA): Art. 74 para. 4 (participating in or supporting an illegal organisation or a terrorist or violent-extremist group)


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