Stage 1 - Prevention prior to radicalisation

Phase 1 - Prävention zu Beginn einer Radikalisierung

Services responsible

  • Swiss Security Network (SSN), cantonal and communal authorities and services (particularly educational institutions, cantonal and communal police services, violence prevention services, child and adult protection services, social welfare services, migration offices, victim support services, prison service)
  • Federal Intelligence Service (FIS) and cantonal intelligence services (CISs)
  • Civil society actors (advisory services, street-level social workers, etc.)

Instruments available

  • Cantonal and communal prevention programmes (e.g. violence prevention programmes) in educational institutions and the prison sector
  • Guidelines by communal authorities, police services, specialised services, etc.
  • Police networks, bridge builders
  • Proactive exchange with foreign organisations, interest groups and religious communities
  • Findings from police patrols/checks, community policing and interventions in incidents involving family disputes or domestic violence
  • National Action Plan to Prevent and Combat Radicalisation and Violent Extremism (NAP), including the federal government’s Incentive Programme to support projects by the cantons, communes and civil society
  • Position paper of the Conference of Cantonal Justice and Police Directors (CCJPD) on dealing with radicalisation and violent extremism in Switzerland’s prison sector


Last modification 05.06.2024

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